At Siren Studio, we offer a range of pole dance, aerial fitness and flexibility classes for all skill levels – from absolute newbies to those looking for a more serious challenge.


This is for the new babies of pole. In this class you will learn the basics of pole and start building a solid foundation for your training. You will learn how to climb, how to do simple spins and tricks as well as working on that coordination and strength 💪🏻🔥


This is where we level up 😍🔥 In this class you’ll learn combinations of tricks and how to transition in and out of moves. You’ll spend some time on static pole where you’ll learn power and strength, and some on spinning pole where you’ll learn endurance, control and grace.


Get out your heels and get ready to get slinky 😍✨ No heels? No problem! Bring socks and come slide around on the floor with us 😍

This is for Sirens who love the slow sensual exotic flow. We get into our feels (and work up a sweat while doing it 🥵🔥)

This class is great if you’ve never done any sort of exotic class before!


The name says it all 🔥🔥

This is for the the Sirens who love those hard-hitting exotic routines that leave you feeling fierce AF 😍

Extra bonus : CARDIO for days 🔥🔥


In this class you’ll be introduced to the Lyra. You will learn the basics of Lyra, all the pretty sits and shapes 😍 And may we add this amazing for strength work especially if you’re partnering it with some pole training 😜


Now we start putting those sits and shapes together in combinations on the Lyra 😍 if you love being in the air and looking pretty and strong this is the class for you!


Our aerial new toy! Who knew a piece of material hanging from the ceiling could bring so much joy? Learn to play on the hammock with transitions, sits, pretty spins and strength moves. This is an amazing for those looking for something new and fun but still in the air 😋 Extra bonus for those sweaty Susan’s: no grip required 😍


Need we say more? In these classes you’ll learn not only how to stretch safely, you’ll learn how to get STRONG though flexibility. You’ll learn where and how to activate through conditioning drills. And the best part is every level of flexibility is welcome 🙏🏼 This is about you and your goals. This is also a great add on to your aerial training 💪🏻

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